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Guide to Using Anal Beads

Anal_beadsYou may be surprised about how some people like to stimulate their butt. Anal beads are now among the most popular anal toys available in the market. Such objects are made of equally sized round structures that are designed and made to be inserted into the anus. The special beads aim to underpin the pleasant sensations in the anus’ sphincter muscles, which automatically open and close during encounters with small round objects. It is like tickling the inside of your anus.

The items are usually made of jelly rubber and simple materials shaped round. There are rubber and silicone versions of the objects. Some anal beads may look like rosaries while others are like sticks with rounded nodes. Whatever the appearance, anal beads are all designed to stimulate the internal muscles in the anal area.

Prior to using anal beads

It is important to note that foreplays and preparations are also essential and necessary before using anal beads. Take some time to prepare your anus for the sensational action. If you are using the anal beads with your partner, and you are the one controlling and manipulating the objects, stay focused and sensitive to the body language based on your movements.

Also make sure lubrication is properly and generously applied. The anus is not producing its own lubrication. It is very important to apply generous amounts of lube to make sure the entire duration of the anal beads play will be safe, comfortable and sexually enjoyable. Anal beads are made of materials that may absorb a little lube, so it is important to have lots of such liquids in the anus.

Turn yourself or your partner on. Without the sexual desire, you may find that the sphincter muscles may be tensed and not easily accommodate the anal beads. To do this, or enhance your desire, you may opt to caress the anus gently. You might also be surprised how the action can be too sexually exciting and stimulating.

Using the anal beads

When you are prepared, go on, it is time to enjoy the anal beads. Insert the first of the beads into your anus. Stop after each bead before proceeding to insert other beads. Do so until all of the anal beads are inside the anus. Do not hold your breath even if you are already reeling from the ecstatic pleasure from the anal beads.

To further enhance the pleasure, you may take strategic timing. As you put the anal beads into your anus and pull them off before again putting them, you may try timing the process until you finally feel your orgasm is starting to really build up. Pull the anal beads in a straight out manner rather than tilting them either up or down. Respect your body and resist the urge and need to yank the anal beads out. You are in for a very surprising climax you were not even aware your anus could make you feel.