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Guidelines to Using Bullet Vibrators

bulletBullet vibrators are the second smallest type of vibrators available in the market. These toys look like bullets, but are noticeably larger. Sizes range from about an inch to about as large as 3 inches. Some women prove their prejudice wrong when they initially think such small-sized vibrators are not ecstatic. Rising demand for this type of vibrator is one tangible proof that indeed bullet vibrators work wonders.

In general, these vibrators are made up of standard materials. However, you still have the option to choose which items to buy, based on materials used. Price tags are also dependent on the types of materials used. There are simple and manual bullet vibrators that are available in adult shops for just about $10. If you need the more sophisticated, battery operated ones, made of the finest and smoothest materials, you may prepare about $65 for the purchase.

Let not size fool you. Many women who are fond of using sex toys instantly put bullet vibrators in their lists of favorite after just one trial. Experts assert that these small vibrators give out more intense stimulation because of their relatively small size, which means they can penetrate deeper and in longer duration.

How to use bullet vibrators

The use of bullet vibrators is basically simple and logical. First, you need to press up the object into the clitoris. In doing so, just pretend you are inserting a tampon into your vagina. Most bullet vibrators are battery operated and have cords for control. Once the object is already inserted into the reproductive organ, you may switch on the control. You may hold the control and regulate the vibrating action according to your sensitivity or you may have your partner do it. Remote controlled bullet vibrators are also getting popular.

Enjoy using the object. The session may last as long as you want. Once you are done, gently pull out the item from your vagina or clitoris. In doing so, remember not to pull out the object through the cord as this action may cause breakage or destruction of the cord. You should always clean the item before keeping it to your safe for hygienic purposes.

Precautions about bullet vibrators

There are several precautions to using bullet vibrators. One, not all women are enjoying the items. Some women open up feeling annoyed, others get allergic reactions while some simply feel nothing because of the small size. In contrast, some users love to pop the vibrators in and leave the items in their clitoris all day.

Bullet vibrators are exclusively for women. Manufacturers warn that bullet vibrators are not good for anal use. This is because during the operating process, the cord may suddenly detach from the object base and the vibrator may be sucked in by the anus. There have been several cases where people were rushed to the hospital because a bullet vibrator was stuck into their rectal area. With proper use and observance of precautions, bullet vibrators could really be the best and safest sex toy for women.