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Guide to Using Bondage Toys

furry-handcuffsIn the past, many people have disgusted and feared sadism and masochism. Many people still are not comfortable with the idea. The popularity of bondage toys says otherwise. These days, it is obvious that many couples are curious and excited to try out role playing and subtle S&M sex sessions, at least once in a while.

What are bondage toys? These are sex toys that enable any couple to enter the world of S&M. As the name implies, bondage toys facilitate bandage of one partner, while the other takes dominance and control of the situation. If you are not into role playing, wait until you try out such an act. In the end, you may end up being totally into it especially when you reach your most intense orgasm.

Choosing bondage toys

Unlike all other sex toys, bondage toys may get more complicated. That is because there may be two or more items included in a set. Bondage toys usually come in sets or groups of items. Each item in the bondage toys set has its own use and functions in the sex play. Some people are aware that all other items in the bondage toys set will not be functional and appropriately useful if other materials are missing.

Basic items in bondage toys are hand cuffs. Such items disable the person or his or her hands from doing action like putting any sensational action of the partner to stop. This way, the dominant role player can get to do anything that may blow off the mind of the passive role player. Other usual items include ankle restraints, blindfolds and whips.

Using bondage toys

The proper use of bondage toys may get really basic and logical. Of course, you know how to use hand cuffs. You may tie up both hands of your partner or tie him/her hand to the base of the bed, the headboard or other furniture and fixture in the bedroom that will disable him/her to move freely. When the bondage is secured, you may start your strategic action.

It will be more exciting if you will blindfold your partner. You may do a little role play, like suppose he/she is your sex slave or you are a rapist. You may be surprised what excitement this little game or role playing may do to the both of you. Ankle restraints disable the feet from taking a free movement.  Once bondage toys are all used and secured, it is up to you freak up your partner. You may tickle him/her, or wildly undress him/her and stimulate the erroneous spots.

Improvising bondage toys

Like most sex toys, it is not advisable to improvise bondage toys. You can use ordinary handkerchiefs to blindfold your partner. However, it is not recommendable to use ropes, straws or strings to tie the hands of your partner. Doing so may incur wounds and scars to the hands, especially during the play, when movements get uncontrollable.

If you aim to use sex toys to spice up your sexual lives, you need to invest on it. Bondage sex toys are especially designed and made to safely and comfortable facilitate bondage during an intense sex act.