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Guide to Using Anal Dildos

anal-dildoIt is amazing how anal dildos are widely available in the market but are not coming with instructions or operating manuals. In this regard, you should be reminded that such sex toys should be used using your common sense. Of course, the special dildos should be inserted into the anus, as if it is an actual penis. However, it will help if you will learn about the standard and safer procedures in making use of the objects,

When using anal dildos, be reminded that there are not right or wrong procedures. The key to using the sex toys is to follow what your body tells you. Use the anal dildos according to how they make you and your anus feel good. You may be surprised at how ecstatic and orgasmic the anal experience can be.

Lubrication and foreplay

Using anal dildos is no different than using normal dildos or actual penises. Before the actual penetrative act, there must be a series of foreplays. It is important to make sure you are properly and sexually aroused before using anal dildos. This is because the sphincter muscles inside the anus may react inappropriately if you are tensed and nervous. This will result to stiffer muscles that will make penetration by the anal dildos significantly harder, if not impossible.

To complement the anal foreplay, you may need to apply adequate and generous lubricant. You may put great amounts of lube into the anus and also into the anal dildo. Anal dildos are made of rubber, silicone and other materials that may potentially absorb and dry out lubrication in the anus. The rectal area is not like the vagina, which is able to produce its own lubrication in reaction to stimuli and urges.

Using the anal dildos, finally

So much for the foreplay and the application of lubricants, it is time to proceed to achieving a shrieking orgasm. Slowly insert the sex toy into the anus. Take long and deep breaths as you do so to help relax the anal muscles. Deep breathing also helps put more blood into the anal muscles and nerves that will further make for orgasmic sensitivity.

Slowly insert the anal dildos even if it takes a long period. Once the whole shaft of the sex toy is plugged in, take some minutes to leave it there. This way, the muscles and the anus will get used to having a foreign object in. Slowly pull out the anal dildo, but not pulling it out completely. After that, pull it in again and do the alternating action slowly until you are ready to gain pace and go for your goals.

The key to enjoying anal dildos is to enjoy what you are actually feeling. If you are using the sex toy alone or with your partner, just remember to be gentle and slow initially, getting faster as the sensation piles up. Thrust deeper and faster depending on how your body liked it. In the end, you will realize that anal dildos are very useful objects.