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  1. Romping Rabbit

    RRP Price: £ 45.59

    Our Price: £ 37.99

    The Romping Rabbit can't wait to be taken into bed with you and show you what he can do! Simply use the ergonomic slide controls to put him through his paces, controlling the rotating shaft, sumptuous squirmy pearls, and powerful clitoral stimulator - the Romping Rabbit lives to please!

    Learn More
  2. Wild Monkey

    RRP Price: £ 51.59

    Our Price: £ 42.99

    Out of stock

    This little monkey is cheekier than you might think!

    Based on the standard Rabbit vibe, with all the features that we've come to expect, the Wild Monkey has an extra, special feature that we think you'll like - his waving little tail is perfectly positioned to tickle your anus as you pleasure yourself on the shaft.

    With a powerful vibrating clitoral bullet, strong rotating shaft, squirmy pearls and anal stimulation, you'd be hard pressed to think of anything he's missed!

    Highly Recommended. Learn More
  3. Double Bunny

    RRP Price: £ 33.59

    Our Price: £ 27.99

    Out of stock

    For the girl who has tried the classic Rabbit-style vibes and still wants more!

    The Double Bunny contains all of the features you've come to know and love from your Rabbit, and then some!

    With squirmy pearls in the shaft, a realistic rotating head, and a soft clitoral stimulator, this bunny still has one extra feature to offer - another little rabbit positioned carefully just behind, to tickle and tease the parts other rabbits can't reach!

    If you like the teasing sensation of double titillation then the Double Bunny is for you!

    With reversable shaft rotation and multi speed functions controlled easily from the base, the Double Bunny stands alone as the most satisfying toy we've tried this year! Learn More
  4. Rabbit Rouser

    RRP Price: £ 35.99

    Our Price: £ 29.99

    Take this bunny home with you today, you won't regret it!

    At ten inches long, this vibe has an extended shaft from the usual model, for girls who like a bit more length to their stimulations - and it swings luxuriously round and round making sure that every single part of you is tingling with pleasure!

    Apart from that, it also showcases the standard Rabbit features - squirmy pearly to arouse the vaginal opening and a cute clit stim bunny whose ears are always at your service! Learn More
  5. Pearlescent Rabbit

    RRP Price: £ 27.59

    Our Price: £ 22.99

    The Pearlescent Rabbit has all of the features you'd expect form a version of the nations' best loved toy - with squirmy vaginal beads and a cheeky bunny clitoral stimulator to set them off, you can indulge every erogenous zone however you want!

    The main feature of the pearlescent is its size - at only an inch in diameter is is almost half the width of the classic Rabbits, making it perfect for beginners or smaller ladies who may find the larger toysd uncomfortable. Learn More
  6. Eclipse 1000

    RRP Price: £ 50.39

    Our Price: £ 41.99

    The Eclipse is the top-of-the range version of the Rabbit style vibe made popular by TV Show "Sex and the City".

    If you're looking for a classy vibe which will look good in your bedside table, or as a gift form your partner, then this is the one for you!

    The shiny chrome finish and clear crystal jelly sparkles when the sun hits it - with not one or two but four rows of squirmy pearlised beads in the shaft and a wide rotation angle, you'll be stimulated like never before! The cute little beaver perched on the side is positioned ideally to nuzzle his way into your good books, providing clitoral stimulation which is second-to-none!

    Where the Eclipse really comes into its' own is the
    "Ultra 7" style controls on the base.. with glow in the dark buttons for easy under-the-covers action, you can choose from seven different vibration patterns including Pulse, Surge and "Rollercoaster" for the ride of a lifetime!

    With four AA batteries in an easy-load cartridge, this Rabbit is really one of the most powerful we've seen! Learn More
  7. Dream Duet Rabbits

    RRP Price: £ 143.99

    Our Price: £ 119.99

    Get three rabbit vibes in one with the Dream Duets.

    Two rabbit vibrators interlock to become a double ended vibrator.

    The pearls rotate to give great vaginal stimulation while the rabbit ears stimulate the clitoris.

    Set the frequency and intensity using exclusive HSIII technology.

    Great for special alone time or for use with a partner. Learn More
  8. Jessica Rabbit Original

    RRP Price: £ 28.79

    Our Price: £ 23.99

    The Jessica Rabbit from Loving Joy is our best selling rabbit!

    Lots of pearly stimulation beads massage you as the reversible rotating shaft gets to work inside you.

    At the same time the soft multi speed vibrating bunny ears probe your clitoris for orgasmic stimulation.

    Jessica is waterproof for bathroom action.

    Great value! Learn More
  9. Jessica Rabbit Mk 2

    RRP Price: £ 35.99

    Our Price: £ 29.99

    The Jessica Rabbit MK 2 is like the Jessica Rabbit just a little bit better!

    New and improved and with an amazing total of 36 stimulating combinations of simultaneous shaft rotation and bunny ear vibration.

    All controlled by an updated super easy sleek touch pad controller.

    An abundance of pearly balls in the shaft will massage you into submission as the bunny ears probe your clitoris for earth shattering sensations.

    Use in the bath and shower too cos this baby is waterproof. Learn More
  10. Jessica Rabbit Duo

    RRP Price: £ 35.99

    Our Price: £ 29.99

    Feeling hungry for more?

    Try the Jessica Rabbit Duo from Loving Joy.

    This deluxe, dual sided rabbit vibrator is designed to give maximum pleasure for the girl who wants it all... and more!

    With raised pleasure pearls on the shaft, this is one toy you cannot be without.

    A grand total of 36 functions are available via the easy to use functions, on this amazing, waterproof toy. Learn More

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